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I am frequently asked if I am interested in accepting trades. While the answer is usually "no thank you" I do have a weakness for vintage fuzz pedals and almost anything old school and obscure. Here is a list of pedals and gear I would have an interest in trading for. As you will note, I am more interested in old and vintage pedals over boutique offerings. If you see something you like on my page or would like a custom piece commissioned and you have one of these pedals, or something very similar, drop me a message and we can discuss.

*Paul Cochrane Tim or Timmy (Older the Better or Fun Colors)
*Ibanez SD9 or TS9 (Early 80s Black Label), TS10 or any TS808, Standard Fuzz
*Boss OD-1, SD-1, DS-1, DM-2 or HM-2 (Early 80s) & BD-2
*BJFE Honey Bee
*Maxon OD9 or Tube Screamer Variants and All 70s and Early 80s Pedals
*Rat (Older the better but all will be considered)
*MXR Distortion+ or Phase 90 (Script Logo)
*Fuzz Face (Old or New Silicon or Germanium in a Circle Enclosure)
*Sennheiser E906 Mic
*Shin-Ei and Rebrands
*Univox Super Fuzz
*Maestro FZs (All Models)
*Anything by Colorsound and/or Sola Sound and especially a 70s MKIII or MKIV and a Supa Tonebender
*EHX Muffs: Triangle, Ram's Head, Red Army, Civil War, Green Russian, Black Bubble Font Transition, etc (V1-V7) and any OEM or Vintage Rebrands (Lyle, Guild, etc)
*Obscure Fuzz, Overdrive and Whatnot - Whatcha Got?
*Fender Champ, Hot Rod Deluxe or Deluxe Reverb
*Fender Classic Vibe or Vintage Modified Strat or Tele

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