Epiphone Uptown Kat

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Epiphone Uptown Kat

Postby dubkitty » Sun Nov 08, 2020 4:12 pm

i had a chance to try one of these out today. the demos for these are awful, and don't show what they can do at all. the demos tend to be sleepy fake jazz, but i tested it with a 50-watt Marshall Origin and even on the clean settings i was able to pull all kinds of Stephen Stills blues sounds and some credible Manic Street Preachers licks. the pickups are razor-sharp, not quite in Firebird territory but close. and with the neck angle for a trapeze tailpiece these cry out for a B3 Bigsby. they're built like a Gibson ES, with a center block and fully hollow wings, and thus are 300% more resonant than a Wildkat. don't sleep on these...they're a stealth weapon in the right hands.
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