Advice for removing pcb from a SG to install Lace pickups

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Re: Advice for removing pcb from a SG to install Lace pickup

Postby BetterOffShred » Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:38 pm

Ok so what you are after is the "coil split" which takes your 2 coils that make up a humbuckers and splits them at the union, grounding one, thus taking signal from only one coil.. effectively becoming a single coil. The document from lace there does not show this with a 2 position switch. The 2 position switch portion of that diagram just shows flipping the phase of the 2 coils.

This is how you split a humbuckers with a DPDT 2 position switch
(The part that says basic coil cut wiring. They are showing how to cut either side of the humbuckers)
Which looking at your pics I believe he has done. He just soldered everything across both sides of the DPDT .. the other side is unused anyway. Shouldn't be a problem. Of course the wiring diagrams would be different color wires with lace.

Lemme think about it more ;)

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Re: Advice for removing pcb from a SG to install Lace pickup

Postby proceedeth » Tue May 01, 2018 11:01 am

BetterOffShred, thanks a ton man for taking the time to look at my photographs and compare it to the Lace diagram. Thank you for the analysis and the explanation.

My guitar sounds great and I'm really happy with the pickups and the work done on it. I'll continue to learn more and try to diagnose the sound issue. If you have eureka moment and have an idea for me to explore please reach out anytime.

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