Lace Dragonauts.... opinions and thoughts?

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Lace Dragonauts.... opinions and thoughts?

Postby proceedeth » Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:53 pm


Oddly, I haven't been able to find any discussion on these pickups here..... or any retailers offering them for that matter. I was looking at some alternatives to replace the 490R/T combo in my SG. Mostly like to play stuff in the stoner/doom/psych genres. I have an Ampeg SS140c with a matching 4x12 I play through with a variety of fuzz pedals. No allegiance to gain from the pedals or from the amps... just love experiment and playing with whatever sounds good.

The Dragonauts are $200 currently while the Dirty Heshers are being sold for $140 with possible discounts available on GC/MusiciansFriend etc. Wish Sweetwater stocked Lace products.

One additional question; I'm looking at putting this wiring harness into my SG - which mentions "For humbucking pickups with series link access (3 wire, 5 wire, etc)." Would the Dragonauts be able to be hooked up to this kit? I have a soldering iron and some basic knowledge and would probably be doing the work myself.

First post on Ilovefuzz as well, hello everyone, and thank you.

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Re: Lace Dragonauts.... opinions and thoughts?

Postby BetterOffShred » Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:43 am

Honestly I would email Lace and ask them about that Gibson setup, because I know most Lace "sensors" are not built like regular pickups. I have burstbuckers in my SG, the real old ones, and they aren't split coils so I can't coil tap :cry: but that looks like a really nice kit. CTS pots are dope. The wire and caps are manure, but that's just me. I'd use Teflon coated and some of Hoffman amps shielded cable. I also think Orange drops are crazy overrated and you're better off with some cheap Xicons or even like Panasonic style "Green drops" Poly caps :joy: .022uf.. that's 22n.. I use 68n's in my guitars.. lets more bass frequencies through during tone roll off.

Their support section certainly seems to indicate that most of their humbucker sized offerings can be coil tapped or split..
They also recommend a 22n and 250k pots.. The Gibson set on Stewmac is 500K. I've read elsewhere that Lace pickups get really shrill without a 250K pot.. I'm sure you can get some A250K CTS pots.. stewmac wants $9 for each.. yikes!

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Re: Lace Dragonauts.... opinions and thoughts?

Postby Bone92 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:47 am

It will work, some SGs are a little picky when it comes to push/pull pots depending on the body thickness. I have purchased a similar harness that wouldn't fit in my SG but it used different pots from that. As to the Dragonaut vs. Heshers I can't really say, I have the Finger burners in my SG which most people seem to say are higher gain heshers at heart and I love them. For what it is worth Matt Pike uses 2 Dragonauts with a Hesher as a middle pickup in his Les Paul Artisan.

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