Finally got a VM Jag! Recommend some [affordable] mods.

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Re: Finally got a VM Jag! Recommend some [affordable] mods.

Postby weebles » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:40 am

I've been trying to find an American pro bridge because it can supposedly direct replace a TOM bridge. Haven't seen one sold anywhere though.

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Re: Finally got a VM Jag! Recommend some [affordable] mods.

Postby mathias » Sun Jul 16, 2017 11:54 am

My thought was to get one of those loaded bodies and part it out even further on Reverb so that you make your money back. Right now, they're looking pricey on Reverb ($400-600? Ouch) but if one came along for ~350 the math might work out?
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Re: Finally got a VM Jag! Recommend some [affordable] mods.

Postby repoman » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:02 pm

mathias wrote:Better bridge seems necessary, but I agree about the bridge costing as much as the rest of the guitar. That's why I started collecting parts for (and finally after 2.5+ years, built) a parts Jazzmaster for a Mastery bridge.

This is a tangent, but has anyone tried the new American pro bridges on other guitars? I see loaded bodies for Am Pro jags and Jazzmasters on Reverb, so shops are already parting them out.. I'm not sure whether the radius or the bridge thimbles are the same on those, though.

I think this is the bridge that they stick on the Johnny Marr Jag and Troy Van Leeuwen JM. Its a mustang bridge that has the correct radius and little nylon bushings on the height post screws and intonation screws. I had one on the TVL JM I had and it worked great, basically the same as the Staytrem I had. The fender unit isn't stainless steel like the Staytrem however, but it was manufactured much nicer than the stock Fender Mustang bridge.

The Fender improved mustang/offset bridge is very good and theres no fiddlefucking around with it to get it to work like the stock offset bridge. They should just stick that on offset imo (I hate the regular offset bridge so much).

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