Let's talk baritones.

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Re: Let's talk baritones.

Postby MrNovember » Thu Mar 29, 2018 8:15 pm

Mine is A-A tuning. Jazzmaster body right now, but I'd like to pick up a Strat or a Tele instead

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Re: Let's talk baritones.

Postby ognoy » Fri Mar 30, 2018 4:43 am

When I put on the DC-neck I only had to install a nut, tuners and some minor intonation adjustments on the bridge.
Didn't have to do anything with the truss rod. When I bought a Warmoth conversion neck a couple of years ago, a had to spend weeks getting the truss rod right.

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Re: Let's talk baritones.

Postby gnomethrone » Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:17 am

My conversion was a 28.625" neck on a tele tuned to drop A. One thing I did in the planning stage was use a string tension calculator and look up the tension another guitar of mine was sitting at so I knew what I liked and what to shoot for. I think it was on the d'addario website? Then I ordered some custom sets of strings from kalium so that the tension would be nice and even all the way across. Made setup and intonation pretty simple since I didnt have to fight any rogue strings that didnt wanna get with the program. A friend helped me set it up but it went together really easy. These days im just tuning my 25.5" scale guitars to drop A with some fat strings and its working out fine (sorry for this blasphemy in the baritone thread :lol: ) The baritone definitely had its own character and sounded amazing.
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Re: Let's talk baritones.

Postby PanicProne » Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:38 am

Just throwing my baritone in here, a bit too late as per usual. This is jag-inspired (duh) baritone my friend/drummer of my old hardcore band built me a couple of years ago when he studied to become a luthier. Pic is the one he sent me when he'd just finished it. He'd worked with would before but considering he'd barely ever touched metals before I feel he did a pretty good job. Since it was part of his course I only had to pay for the material too! :D :animal:

It's got Seymour Duncan P-rails in it, which I wanted for versatility. I love how it feels and "resonates" (sorry, really don't know the fancy words here), but not sure if the pickups are the right ones or if I should just decide to go one way. My main problem with it, is using with my band, since it just cuts through and eats up everything, haha. Been trying it on around 5 different songs we're currently writing but only settled for one so far. But that may just be down to me to being used to "listening differently" as far as band mix/situation goes.


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