Dwarf series - differences and comparisons

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Dwarf series - differences and comparisons

Postby Cutlunch » Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:31 pm

Can someone provide an overview as to the various Dwarf series and how they differ from each other

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Re: Dwarf series - differences and comparisons

Postby D-Rainger » Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:43 am

First there was the Dr Freakenstein Dwarf - the mini version of the big Dr Freakenstein Fuzz. It didn't have the LFO modulation, or the knifeswitch and meter, but did have a different way of tormenting one of the chips inside - by pressing the Igor Mode button. The original version of this had volume adjusted by a trimpot internally(!) , but this soon upgraded to the volume thumbwheel.

All the mini pedals in the range came with an Igor controller, whose main function was to change the 'overtone' control by foot while you played.

Next came the Dwarf Bitch - which had a further way the offset the circuit, but turning a trimpot with a screwdriver through a hole in the baseplate, making a note dissolve into rhythmic bleeping. Like the 'overtone' control, this bleeping could also be controlled by the Igor controller, manifesting itself as bleep pitch-controlling.

Then came the Dwarf Bass, which had LFO modulation, and a clean mix button (provided about 3/4 fuzz with 1/4 clean signal mixed in). The Igor controller could ramp up the modulation speed. It had extra low end too.

Then the Dwarf Bleep - a progression of the Dwarf Bitch (then discontinued) - with extra low end, and also a 'signal present' LED function in the on/off LED.

Next was the Bleep Bass (full name 'Dr Freakenstein Dwarf Bleep Bass') which was the Dwarf Bass pedal, but had the bleeping offset trimpot in the baseplate.

This was the situation for quite a while, until....

The Bleep!
The latest compilation of various sounds of the previous 'Dwarf' pedals, which are all now discontinued.
It has the 'overtone' control and volume knob on the main front panel - along with (at long last!) the Bleep trimpot as a regular knob too ('Bleep/Fuzz'). As before, the 'overtone' can be tweaked by the Igor controller, and it has the extra low end, plus incorporates the LFO modulation of the bass versions - speed adjustable by Igor - and comes with the Igor Mk2 controller (extra expression-y), and the LED display to end all other displays...

BTW the Bleep is the first pedal to work with the Igor mk2 controller (which it comes with), which is extra expression-y (more control), and more durable - but does not work so well with the previous 'Dwarf' pedals... It does OK - and won't damage anything - but the insides of the Bleep are adapted specifically for the mk2. Conversely though, an old Igor should do fine with a Bleep (but won't be quite as expression-y).

The Dwarf pedals were a load of fun, inhabiting their own separate mini-pedal world of extremeness, but I have to say it's a relief to move on to the Bleep, which is also the cutest, I think.

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