Mr. Stillman please make a stereo Grand Orbiter

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Mr. Stillman please make a stereo Grand Orbiter

Postby spaceghost » Thu Jun 08, 2023 9:35 pm

Mr. Stillman,

I've been a big EQD fan for just over a decade now and the Grand Orbiter is my all-time favorite phaser! I have others, but nothing comes close. It IS phaser perfection, but has just one small issue: it's not STEREO.
I imagine it could be similar to the 'Avalanche Run' or 'Pyramids', and with all of the same features, but in magical STEREO! I am sure you could come up with some amazing new stereo-only features as well. Maybe add a preset/mode switch? This could be the pedal of my dreams. :idea: But I guess I could just purchase another one - with different settings on each side, but wouldn't that be more fun with one pedal that does it all! :love:


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Re: Mr. Stillman please make a stereo Grand Orbiter

Postby oldangelmidnight » Sun Jun 11, 2023 1:23 pm

I wish Jamie was still wasting time around here.

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