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Rainbow Machine Secondary knob - slughtly confuzzled?

Mon Dec 25, 2017 8:46 am

So Santa's got me a Rainbow Machine which I already absolutely love and can think of a million different uses for. However the Secondary knob doesn't seem to function as described in the instructions, which says it generates an octave above or below the Primary pitch. It seems to actually add another harmony above the Primary pitch at the same interval - with the tracking all the way down and the tone all the way up I can definitely hear an arpeggiated triad forming rather than a harmony and an octave, e.g. a major and augmented 5th when the Pitch knob is turned all the way up. It also seems to increase the Secondary level from fully anticlockwise to fully clockwise, rather than from centre in either direction as the manual describes. Is this right? Is it just the pedal's sorcery playing tricks on my ears?

Re: Rainbow Machine Secondary knob - slughtly confuzzled?

Fri Dec 29, 2017 12:57 pm

Mine behaves the same way. Unity is around 2 o'clock on the primary and secondary. But yes, definitely a triad and not an octave. Sounds like something else going on in the higher registers but I can't tell if that's the octave or not (like a glossy sheen that hangs on the notes).

Re: Rainbow Machine Secondary knob - slughtly confuzzled?

Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:59 pm

Same with mine - not necessary bad, but certainly not like the manual

Re: Rainbow Machine Secondary knob - slughtly confuzzled?

Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:24 pm

Mine acts like yours as well. To me it sounds like the secondary knob is the volume of a signal that was run through the pitch shifter twice. I.e., primary is the volume of [dry -> pitch shift], and secondary is the volume of [primary -> pitch shift]

But yeah the current manual describes it very differently. Is this something they changed in the v2 of the pedal?
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