Morley Power Wah Boost modifiable?

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Morley Power Wah Boost modifiable?

Postby nieh » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:43 pm

I picked up a late 70s tel ray PWB today and was wonder if its possible to mod the freq sweep. It gets way way way to trebley in the toe down position and is completely unusable.
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Re: Morley Power Wah Boost modifiable?

Postby sanfordandsonny » Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:12 pm

First thing with those is to make sure that the black "drop cloth is taped in place.
There is a small black paper "hood" on the PCB and the pedal pulls the drop cloth across the hood.
There is also reflective tape that may be lose.
There is ALOT of room to work with in there.
I bought 4-5 of them within a year mainly for a Metallica cover band thing for one party.
But the best sounding one I heard was one I sold Bassboar
It looked stock but if you can talk him into taking gut shots it might help.
I believe his is a PWO so no boost but the PCB is the same it's just half of the PCB is unpopulated (the boost side)
You can also True Bypass the whole thing which might help your situation but make sure you're not bypassing some tone alchemy first.
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