Meatball and Meatball clone settings

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Meatball and Meatball clone settings

Postby BlindtoFaith » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:46 pm

Ok....I just got a Barge Concepts MB 1. Love it butwas overwhelmed at first. I have been able to mess around with it for a while and now see why people love it.

My fave thing to do so far is to put a fuzz of massive fuzziness(Fuzz Master, Super Fuzz, Fuzz War) in the loop and run the Meatball really dramatic. Run everything through a clean amp and put the effects blend either in the middle or leaning more to the dry side. Play some dark chords and it sounds like the world is ending in the background. Like there is two worlds or something. Very creepy yet beutiful. Crazy!

Share your fave settings and uses!

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