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Trouble with the Gyroscope

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:35 am
by Soldier Poet
So, like someone suggested on the previous topic I opened I just bought the Gyroscope anyway. So far I like the sounds that it can make (though I'm still figuring out what the knobs do exactly, but that's part of the fun :) ).
However I'm having a lot of trouble with the tap tempo switch. Sometimes it just doesn't respond to tapping at all. I figured out this has to do with the fact that the pedal apparently wants to 'finish' its wave first before accepting a new tempo. Maybe this has to do with the position the Ratio knob is on? How do you guys handle it?
Also I think the choice to not include a regular rate knob is bizarre, tap tempo isn't enough!

Apart from that, I like it.

Also thank you Caesar for the demo you made for me in the other topic.

Re: Trouble with the Gyroscope

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:24 am
by autopilot
the first you have to know is that, the pedal needs 2 taps to set the tempo, so tap twice to set the desire tempo, there are 2 waves that wont react in realtime (sample and hold and escallonated), those 2 waves have a table that it reads the whole table before adjusting the new tempo or ratio.

i'm working on an upgrade, that it will turn the ratio knob into a normal rate, with a flip of a switch so you can get normal rate or tap tempo. why i didnt add, when i started doing the gyroscope most people were telling me how awesome it will be if the pedal was tap tempo, instead of normal rate. And it isnt an easy task, at least at my level with programming, but i'm trying to get better